Generic Name: Mesterolone
Often called: Proviron, Mestilon, Provironum, Restore
Manufacturer: Schering
Proviron is an orally active 1-alpha-methylated Dihydrotestosterone derivative and even as such is much less liver toxic than most oral anabolic steroids.

Because of it’s highly androgenic (sexual characteristic altering) abilities as well as it’s estrogen blocking capabilities, Proviron is not really recommended for women that are often not looking for Masculine traits, however, for women attempting to be more masculine, it’s probably the exceptional idea.

All in all, Proviron has it’s uses, it’s great being an additive, both as the safety measure (nobody wants to look like bob from fight club) and also as a booster to the potency from the many other steroids you’re using. As well as, Proviron functions rather well as a bridging steroid, when coming off a cycle it’s the great idea to start exchanging even more anabolic steroids having proviron as a person cycle down.

Proviron Has Ill effects

Proviron has the particular following warning labels upon it.

Do not take proviron when you have prostate cancer, breast cancer, tumor located in liver, are often prone to hypertension, are pregnant or breastfeeding.

Caution is required for patients together with a reputation of high blood pressure, diabetes, migraines, heart/liver/kidney troubles, cancer, or even elevated calcium blood levels.

Beware of Priapism (an erection lasting longer than 2 hours) or maybe Blood within urine, if these are often experienced SEEK The DOCTOR.

Women using Proviron will typically advantage from your added hardness and even solidity of muscle tissue tissue, while furthermore enjoying an increased fat reduction inclination and if they receive the particular dosage too high, even a lower voice and also possibly many chest hair.